KiWAMi is a name made from two words: KiWi and AMi. The KiWi is a flightless bird found only in New Zealand. It is a national emblem of New Zealand and also a nickname used to identify New Zealanders throughout the world. AMi is the French word for “friend”. KiWAMi is also the name we have given to the personality on our logo; a friendly Kiwi-Frenchie (hence the beret-wearing kiwi bird) triathlete. KiWAMi personifies our notion of triathlon: international, friendly, life-loving, unique and proud.


Visiting Media


We built the tool we needed.

We’re tech-geek-photographers-and-winery-owners who decided TrueTourTM was too cool not to share with you.

Visiting Media was started by Benjamin Powers, a private event facility and winery owner from Portland, Oregon. In early 2010 he began using traditional 360° media tours to market his properties. He noticed that customers who viewed a 360° tour often booked quicker and sometimes without even touring in person. These customers asked fewer questions and in general were easier to work with. He teamed up with his favorite tech geeks and designers (not hard to find the best in Portland), and together they developed the world’s first dynamic and portable virtual e-brochure, with the absolute best and COOLEST tools possible to make your life easier and your business better. It’s the next best thing to being “there.” Whether you want your customers to visit your place of business, reserve space at your venue, or just view how cool your business is, you know how essential it is to accurately describe and show the space before the customer buys what you are selling. TrueTourTM is the next best thing to being there. TrueTourTM makes your life easier and your business better.