We are “Game Of Thrones” junkies. But the series theme “Winter Is Coming” has a whole different meaning for an endurance athlete. We chose to have some fun with that theme.

Knowing that “Winter Is Coming” we want to give a new look at how you can approach your sport in the off-season. Between now and February we’’ll explore the idea of using this time of year to make a genuine leap in performance. We’ll also help you use it to improve your overall health. They go hand in hand.

We’ll guide you to that sweet spot between taking a complete break and the other end of the spectrum where you keep hammering as usual. It’s that prime balance of rest without rust that will give you the future results and longevity in your sport that you are after.

The first step in a great off-season is to assess how much recovery you need, then train accordingly.

The first step is to take a ruthlessly honest look at how tired you really are.

Training for a season of endurance sports is demanding. Hitting peak fitness is something that needs a payback in the form of rest and recovery. How much of that you need starts by stepping away from the rhythm that got you so fit and taking a personal assessment. How tire are you?

The answer will be different for everyone. No two athletes are the same. Some can recover faster than others. Some just don’t think they have to recover at all. In any case the first step is to evaluate. Am I struggling to find the motivation to get out and train? How is my body feeling when I do a workout? Are other parts of my life calling out for some attention? Can I picture myself doing the full cycle of building back up and peaking at high volumes and intensity starting right now? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

Mental toughness can override the signals telling us to slow down.

By nature endurance athletes are mentally tough.

They are able to ignore the brain’s constant signals to slow down or stop. That’s a sword that cuts both ways. It can create the race of your life. It can also dull the blade that should be sharpened at critical times. Both soups come from the same kitchen.

Being an endurance athlete requires planning to be successful. What you do right now with your training is the most underrated, but likely the most important time of your year. It’s the least talked about and frankly the least understood segment of the year as far as how to do it perfectly.

We are ready to help you navigate this time when Winter is Coming and to help you come out the other side ahead of the game. Join us to have it be your secret weapon in 2019!

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Winter Is Coming
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Winter Is Coming
Partly because we’re Game Of Thrones junkies, and partly because the phrase “Winter Is Coming” has a whole different meaning for an endurance athlete, we chose to have some fun with the theme.
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Mark Allen Coaching
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