What if no one was left to feel alone?

What if we saw a friend or a family member start to isolate themselves but we didn’t let it happen no matter how much they tried to disengage? What if there was a change in our culture that didn’t allow for the privacy where unspeakable acts could occur? Would we all be better off? I think so.

What if we felt the death of a species with the same grief we feel when we lose our closest friends and family?

Saving nature saves us all.

What if we felt such joy being immersed in nature that it would be unthinkable to do anything to harm it? What if our decision of what to use today considered how that would impact the balance of life on this planet thousands of tomorrows down the road? Would we take better care of the only place any of us have to live? I think so.

What if we saw cultural diversity as being as precious as the diversity of life itself?

Embrace all lives.

What if the most precious export to share across the globe was the wisdom learned from our mistakes along with how we rose above them? What if we said it’s good that there are different values and would stand up just as strongly to support someone with unlike beliefs as we would for those with whom we share the ones we hold dear? Would there be more understanding between us all? I think so.

What if living focused on supporting each other had more value than gaining a step up with no regard for how our actions might affect another? What if helping raise the standard for the poorest and most desperate was just as much a measure of success as increasing the profits on a balance sheet? What if progress left no one behind? Would this change bring less unrest? I think so.

What if living with spiritual ideals, of being kind and loving even to those we disagree with, was the majority? What if it was an ideal shared by the majority to find common ground rather than to emphasize our differences? What if the majority no longer needed to be right because we realize that we can all be right even with opposing views? Would we have more time to think about what might be best for all of us? I think so.

What if there was no more rape because no one, not one even in their darkest moments, found it acceptable?

What if the unthinkable acts against others ended?

What if beating or killing someone was no longer a thought because we all saw that hate is a crime against ourselves and found that unacceptable? What if emotional abuse was eradicated because we all had enough love given to us by others to keep it from happening? Is this even possible? I believe it is.

What if there was no more war because instead of saying you have what I want, we can all say there’s enough for all of us? What if there was no more war because we acknowledge that we are all here for a better purpose? What if there was no more war because if we stop now we know that with time there will be forgiveness for what has happened in the past? Is this even possible? I believe it is.

What if there were no more victims because we all see our circumstances as our supreme opportunity to rise above them? What if the great seeds of opportunity sprouted because we stopped waiting in sorrow or sadness or anger for someone else to make things better for us? What if we stopped blaming and starting becoming? Is this change even possible? I believe it is.

What if I start by changing myself?

Striving for personal change.

What if I embrace all of you equally, all with the same amount of love and compassion? What if I take personal responsibility for the impact I am having on the environment that will have an impact on the planet for generations to come? What if I live a life where I put more value on learning how to offer a good prayer than I do on learning how to make a good social media post? Would that help others? I hope so.

What if I help those in need? What if I say you go ahead, I can wait? What if I try my absolute best as an example for others to be their best rather than as a way to pad my own life’s comfort? Would that help others? I am not sure but I’m committed to doing it anyway.

What if there were guns for sale and no one bought them because the distressed and disenfranchised and the needy were taken care of and there was no longer any threat?

No more guns needed.

What if there were guns for sale and no one bought them because from day one of life no child was allowed to fall through the cracks and into the dark places humanity can go? Should this be an ideal for us all to strive for? I think yes.

What if there were guns for sale and no one bought them because we cared enough for each other to really take care of each other so that no one would have to call out for help with a gunshot? What if there were guns for sale and no one bought them because all of us as children of this same planet respected the life of all above all? Do we have it in us to make this change? I think yes, and I hope to see this change in my lifetime.

Mark Allen


Be a seed for change starting with yourself.


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