A month has now passed. As I walk through Shelter In Place Day 30 it’s starting to feel like this is “normal”.

The memory of what I used to do and the rhythm of life pre-virus is beginning to fade. This is not anything I ever thought would happen. I’m slowing getting used to seeing people in masks. Standing in lines to get into the grocery store is just something I factor in now. No more whipping to the store to get some garlic powder!

I’m even getting used to the unknown features of dealing with COVID-19.

When will we be let out of our houses? No idea. Will I be able to travel soon? No more clear on that today than I was thirty days ago. How many stores will I need to go to just to find toilet paper? It’s always a mystery until I get out there and see who’s got some.

But within all of these shifts in our daily lives, there’s been a few things that have happened that are a complete surprise. One is that I am getting used to this as a way of living. The news keeps reassuring us that things will be back to normal soon. I am not sure there is ever going to be the same normal. In fact, why go through all of this just to end up where we started a few months ago?

More importantly though is that we have all been stripped of many of the things that kept us busy and buzzing along through life.

Most of those are gone.There’s no real restaurant dining. No movies at the theater. There’s almost no interaction with people except for the very few who you live with. Travel outside the route to the grocery store is nearly at zero for many. Yes, Shelter In Place Day 30 has been enough time to put a huge fingerprint on our daily lives.

By minimizing our normally bustling human lives something incredibly amazing is taking hold.

It’s something profound. It’s something that likely none of us is ever going to be able to experience again in our lifetimes. What is that “something”? Watch this video to see what I think it is. It’s something that will serve us all to embrace now while we have the chance!


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